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How to attach privacy screen to fence?

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Installation Steps for privacy screen to fence.

1.  First, unfold the privacy screen you bought and check if it is the right color and size. Also check if there is a bag of zip ties.

2. Then start from the top corner of privacy screen. Use a zip tie to fix top corner to chain link fence.installation privacy screen1

3. Then, attach each grommet from top to bottom.

installation privacy screen2

4. Then go from right to left, or left to right. Stretching the material as you go.installation privacy screen3

5. Then once you reach the end of privacy screen, it is same as the top sides.

installation privacy screen4

6. Final tie the other height side same as Step 3.

After the above steps, your privacy screen is installed.


To avoid flopping, you could run a wire on the top and bottom and secured each cut section by sandwiching between lumber.

fence privacy screen installation

Privacy Screen is a good choice on privacy for your fence!

Privacy screen is a kind of plastic woven fabric, offers privacy for your home and gardens, which can be against high wind, sleet, snow and ice. If your house is near the road or near your neighbor, the breathable fence privacy screen is a good choice. Comparing to other fencing materials, it is more affordable cost, better view, more privacy.

However, as an independent space, it is often disturbed by the sight of neighbor. We need privacy in our garden, summing pool, back yard and so on. So fence privacy screen become good choice on privacy for fencing. People are very happy with it. It's very durable, easy to install, and looks great. Some people buy and install it to prevent dogs from seeing other animals while in yards during his heartworm treatment recovery and it works great.

Choose a good privacy screen for your fence.

1. Color options

different color options for privacy screen

Green color is the best seller choice, suitable for yard, swimming pool, gardens.

Construction companies prefer black color privacy screen.

However, there is no difference in terms of performance for different colors.

2. Size options

5’8” privacy screen is to fit 6’ height chain link fence.

7’8” privacy screen is to fit 8’ height chain link fence.

We suggest you buy privacy windscreen in a little bit shorter height than fence height. So that it looks flat and nice after installation.

privacy screen with zip tie

3. Choose the fence privacy screen coming zip ties.

Order privacy screens coming with the zip ties could save your energy.

Advantages for fence privacy screen on fence.

1. It has endured high winds, rain, hail, sleet, snow, and ice.

2. No tears or indications of wear after long time use.

3. Easy to cut into preferred lengths and the eyelets are durable.

4. Easy to install and as far as being weatherproof.

Installation Sample

Keep the dogs barking down with kids running across the yard.

privacy screen installation

Dogs barked at EVERYONE that went by on the street. It does provide nice privacy and it’s not that sheer but because people didn’t want others to see anything.

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