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BN Netting VS Others

Knitting Tech Innovation

Advanced Knitting Tech

Our knitting machine is called Raschel knitting machine. Our engineers have many years working experience in Karl Mayer who is the leading raschel knitting machine manufacturer world wide. Karl Mayer’ tech is NO.1 in the textile knitting industry. You can google it. We recruit their engineers in order to keep us at a high quality manufacturing level.

Old Knitting Tech

Other factories use old tech. They are limited in netting innovation and couldn’t offer improvements for overseas customer.

Quality Control Switch

Auto-Stop Switch

The auto-stop switch could stop the machine when a mistake happens. Then workers will find out the problem quickly and solve it. So that there’s no mistake or hole in our netting. Each roll netting is a stable color and knitting structure, no mistakes.

No Auto-Stop Switch

If no auto-stop switch, there might be long distance mistake. Even though workers sew them, the netting still looks ugly.

Quality Test

UV Tester Machine

There are rarely manufacturers in China that use UV tester machines. The machine simulates different weather conditions, then we test tensile strength. One week in the lab is equal to one year in the open air. We guarantee the customer basis on the result from our lab.
The surface of the netting looks great, and the quality is good inside. So that we could have repeating orders from customers.

No UV tester Machine

Other factories have no UV tester machine or lab. It is hard for them to check the quality.

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We are the professional polyethylene knitted netting supplier in China, has the 25+ years of manufacturing experience.


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