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Leading Anti Insect Netting Manufacturer Since 1996

1. Made By Sulzer Leno Weaving Production Lines
2. Warranty 5 Years
3. Competitive Prices From Original Manufacturer
4. Strong Supply Capacity

What is Anti Insect Net?

Anti insect net is also called mosquito netting. It is the ideal for crops protection from the damage caused by pests(such as aphids, mealy bugs, thrips, whitefly etc.), Anti insect net can prevent these insects and parasites from sabotaging crops and promote better crop development. Because of its leno weaving structure, anti insect net reduces usage of chemical fertilizer and make crops grow more naturally. Anti insect net is the most innovative, researchable and effective solution.

Advantages Of BN NETTING Anti Insect Net


Durable Material

100% virgin HDPE and UV stabilizer

Stable Structure

Leno Weaving by Sulzer Production Lines

Strong Edge

Reinforced Edges on Both Sides

Reduce Pollution

Save Fertilizer and Pesticides

Best Protection

Best Protection against Insects

Easy to Cut

Will not unravel when cut

Standard Dimensions For Anti Insect Net

  • Mesh 16x16
  • Density 6x6
  • Mesh size 1.39mmx1.39mm
  • Weight 80gsm
  • Width 1-6m
  • Length 100-300m
  • Air Speed Decrease 70%
  • Shade Rate 9%
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Mesh 25x25
  • Density 10x10
  • Mesh size 0.75mmx0.75mm
  • Weight 110gsm
  • Width 1-6m
  • Length 100-300m
  • Air Speed Decrease 80%
  • Shade Rate 14%
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Mesh 32x32
  • Density 13x13
  • Mesh size 0.62mmx0.62mm
  • Weight 60gsm
  • Width 1-6m
  • Length 100-300m
  • Air Speed Decrease 60%
  • Shade Rate 8%
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Mesh 40x25
  • Density 16x10
  • Mesh size 0.4mmx0.7mm
  • Weight 110gsm
  • Width 1-6m
  • Length 100-300m
  • Air Speed Decrease 85%
  • Shade Rate 19%
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Mesh 50x25
  • Density 20x10
  • Mesh size 0.27mmx0.7mm
  • Weight 130gsm
  • Width 1-6m
  • Length 100-300m
  • Air Speed Decrease 85%
  • Shade Rate 24%
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Mesh 55x25
  • Density 22x10
  • Mesh size 0.27mmx0.7mm
  • Weight 150gsm
  • Width 1-6m
  • Length 100-300m
  • Air Speed Decrease 85%
  • Shade Rate 26%
  • Warranty 5 years

Anti Insect Net

  • Made of high quality mesh with HDPE and UV material.
  • Leno weaving structure with reinforced edge.
  • Customized colors, such as transparent, white, black an so on.
  • Available both in jumbo rolls and small pieces packages.
  • 5 years warranty.

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Why Choosing Anti Insect Net from BN NETTING?

BN NETTING supplies anti insect net wholesale for agriculture, home and gardens. Anti insect nets do not only keep pests, birds and bats from harming crops, but also filter out excessive sunlight and prevent sunburn, which can significantly improves productivity. It also forms a barrier to completely blocks hail and protects crops from frost and being ripped yet provides maximin air flow possible.

Due to the rapid evolution of these parasites, the damage caused by insects and aphids continues to breed, and under the evolution of these agricultural pests, BN NETTING needs to continuously improve our anti insect net. BN NETTING has invested a large amount of resources in the development of anti insect nets, to always maintain high quality standards, which allows us to achieve good qualities and an excellent level of competitiveness.

 Strong Supply Capacity

High Output Extruding Machines for Anti Insect Net
 120 Sets Of Sulzer Weaving Machines for Anti Insect Net

 Full Set Testing Equipment

  • Anti Insect Net Factory Pictures and Videos

    As a leading anti insect net supplier in China, BN NETTING focuses on quality. All the weaving machines are Sulzer brand. They could make sure the anti insect net quality good and stable.

Anti Insect Net Production Process

Cooperation Process

Product FAQ

  • What is insect Protection net?

    BN NETTING standard insect netting is made of high quality polyethylene mesh cloth with UV treated. It is also called anti-insect netting. Best seller for anti insect netting is anti-insect netting 40 mesh. 
    Insect protection netting works well to protect vegetables, flowers, plants and fruits from birds, moths, butterflies, mosquitoes and insects while letting water, air and sunshine get through. It is durable, breathable netting material.
  • What is 40 mesh insect net?

    Anti insect net mesh is a kind of HDPE leno weaving net. 40 mesh means netting hole size. There is 40 meshes in 1inch distance. 
    So 40 Mesh Insect Nets are made of high-quality virgin polyethylene material and it comes in 40 mesh and 50 mesh sizes. These nets come with a guarantee of 5 Years against UV degradation. It help to protect the crop from insects, mosquitos and pests as well as bring down costs of insecticides (by physically stopping the insects outside the nets.)
  • Does insect netting work?

    Yes, it does. Insects weaken and damage market crops. Adding mesh insect netting into your operation's pest management program can help lower or even eliminate the need for chemical insecticides for plant protection. This means increased production levels for your farm and more perfect produce for your customers.
  • What is the use of insect net?

    Insect nets are fabricated with polyethylene materials, generally applied in greenhouse planting, shade house planting, home, gardens or protective shelter. The durable, UV resistant and perfect mesh size insect netting can effectively protect crops from damages caused by insects and are helpful to produce nutritious and high-value crops

Factory FAQ

  • Manufacturer or trading company?

    We are BN Netting Factory who was founded in 1995. We own 12 production lines of advanced raschel knitting machines, 23 sets of sewing machines, and 8 sets of stitching grommets machines. We are the leading manufacturer with OEM services to customers all over the world.
  • What are your main products?

    We mainly produce privacy fence screening, shade net, shade sail, safety netting, and other kinds of plastic nets. 
  • How about your delivery time?

    Generally, it will take 15 days to finish the 1x20GP container and 25 days to finish the 1x40HQ container. If the quantity is more than 3 containers, we could discuss delivery with customers and give customers quick delivery. 
  • How do we control quality?

    We have rich experience in Quantity control and improvement. All the products from BN NETTING are 100% quality inspection.
    Raw materials inspection
    Semi-finished products inspection
    Finished products inspection
    Besides, netting width, length, weight and color inspection, we also do UV test. There are UV tester machines in our lab. QC will test netting UV performance. Meanwhile, we keep communication with customers in time which enables us to guarantee customer satisfaction. 
  • Can we load maximum quantity to the container?

    We check the container clearly to ensure it without any damaged or damp when loading ·We have own logistic team to ensure the best freight charge and port charge ·We guarantee the maximum quantity of goods can be loaded 
  • How can I get in touch with you quickly?

    You can send us an email. Generally, we will reply your questions within one day after receiving the email. For immediate help, please give us a phone call 86-15261154948 

Anti Insect Net Wholesale at BN NETTING

As one of China’s most experienced wholesale anti insect net manufacturers and suppliers, BN NETTING can provide you with affordable anti insect net wholesale guaranteed to be of high quality. We offer customized mesh sizes for different customers’ requests to wholesale anti insect net.

With more than 2 decades in anti insect net manufacturing, you can trust us for your different anti insect net needs. For Pakistan market, customers buy 55x25 mesh anti insect net wholesale at BN NETTING. For India market, customers buy 40x25 mesh anti insect net wholesale for agriculture.

Not only are BN NETTING’s anti insect nets suitable for agriculture field, but also suitable for scaffolding safety in European countries. If you have other special requests on anti insect net wholesale, you just need to contact us so we can discuss your options in detail.

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