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Anti Hail Net

  • in rolls or in bales

  • Monofilaments

  • 100% Quality Inspection

  • Reinforced Edge

  • HDPE and UV

  • Leno Weaving and Raschel Knitting

  • 1m-10m

  • white/transparent/black


Product Description

BN NETTING offers 4 kinds of anti hail nettings. They are manufactured by Sulzer weaving machine and Raschel knitting machines. Here are the 4 kinds anti hail netting specifications.

4 types anti hail netting from BN NETTING

Standard Sizes for Anti Hail Nettings

Anti Hail Nettings from BN NETTING


leno weaving anti hail netting Raschel Quad Crossover Knitted Hail Netting Raschel Drape Knitted Anti Hail Netting Raschel Anti Hail Netting Square Pattern


Leno weaving anti hail netting

Raschel Quad Crossover Knitted Hail Netting

Raschel Drape Knitted Anti Hail Netting

Raschel Anti Hail Netting Square Pattern


100% HDPE and UV

100% HDPE and UV

100% HDPE and UV

100% HDPE and UV


Leno weaving

Raschel knitting

Raschel knitting

Raschel knitting






Yarn Density warp


3 needles/inch

3 needles/inch

3 needles/inch

Yarn Density weft


13 stitches/inch

13 stitches/inch

11 stitches/inch

Hole size

5.2mm x 2.1mm


4.2mm x  2mm

4mm x 6mm











UV Resistance

5-10 years

5-10 years

5 years

5 years

Max. Width





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Leno Weaving Anti Hail Netting

Leno weaving anti hail netting is the strongest hail netting comparing to all other patterns. A high-density polyethylene UV stabilized net,  used to prevent hail, sunstroke birds, flying foxes, bats and wind in a broad variety of crops.

leno weaving anti hail netting

Its material is tough monofilament. Its selvages are also close and durable making its application suitable in long distance.

lt is mostly available in transparent color, allowing the corps to get high sunlight implying a low shade level.

It is perfectly used in high-temperature areas to prevent the plants from direct sun heat. Some plants are sensitive to heat and get burned quickly.

Leno weaving anti hail netting is the best to protect the plants from intense sunlight.


  • Material: UV stabilized high density polyethylene (HDPE).

  • Mesh size: Available in almost all sizes from minimum 2mm to maximum 8mm.

  • Color: Transparent, black, white, grey, red.

  • Width: Maximum 16.5ft (5 m).


  • Reinforced edges help to stand in heavy hail.

  • Antioxidant, anti-rip, and UV resistance.

  • It prevents hail damage and ensures yield productivity.

  • Polyethylene monofilament is recyclable that certifies environmental safety.

  • It is flexible, light, strong and easy to install.

  • It can be placed on simple support structures.


Leno weaving anti hail net protects different varieties of fruits and vegetables from damage. Besides

protecting from hail damage, it also saves the plant from birds bite as it fully covers the fruit, which does not

allow the birds to damage the fruit.

Raschel Quad Crossover Knitted Hail Netting

A hail netting quad knitted and made up of high-density UV stabilized polyethylene monofilaments. Mesh is shaped into a Raschel diamond lock-stitch design with four-yarn crossover deters. It is light in weight, highly durable, anti-rip, and easy to handle. Mostly this net is available in black, green, and white colors.

Raschel Quad Crossover Knitted Hail Netting

Knitted cross-stitched hail netting is utilized mainly by farmers who want to cover their fields to protect against bad weather conditions and birds.


  • Prevent hail damage and increase crop productivity.

  • Its material cannot be ripped or absorb moisture.

  • Easy to install and lightweight.

  • Allowing certain sunlight.

  • Highly durable. A double layer of mesh net enhances the strength of hail netting.

  • UV resistance gives this net a long life to fight against hail.


  • Material: high-density polyethylene monofilament.

  • Weight: 55gsm

  • Weaving method: raschel warped knitted

  • Color: black, white, grey, red, and other colors.

  • Hole size: 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm

  • Sizes: 5m, 6m, 7.6m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 14m, 16m, 20m. Other sizes are available.

  • Package: bales package, such as 20mt x 400mt.

  • Useful life: UV protected with more than five years of life span


The Raschel knitted quad crossover hail netting can be used in areas with fewer hail storms.  It creates a micro-climate promoting plant growth and reducing transpiration evaporation and ‘spray drift’. This can help save water.

Raschel Drape Knitted Anti Hail Netting

It is manufactured of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with highly UV-resistant and durable. It has a triangular pattern, making it a supreme quality small mesh net that protects the crops at a large scale. Reinforced knitted eyelets help easy insertion of cable or cord for installation.

Raschel Drape Knitted Anti Hail Netting

Easy to handle and lightweight netting, which also has anti-rip properties. Triangular anti hail netting pattern has more usage in the cooperate sector for shading and saving their parking lots from hail storms.


  • Reinforced eyelets for easy installation by using cord or cable.

  • Closer holes prevent smaller size hail damage.

  • Allow sunlight to pass (8%-10% shade factor)

  • Anti-Rip and UV resistance.

  • Reinforced edges enhance the elastic strength of the net.

  • This net can be used as a shade as well.

  • HDPE is recyclable material that does not harm the climate and plants.


  • Material: UV resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

  • Mesh size: 2mm x 11mm.

  • Color: Black, white, green, yellow, red.

  • Width: Maximum 8 m.


Raschel drape knitted anti hail net can be draped over big trees to save the fruit from hail. In greenhouses, this net can be used as shade cloth and can also cover the garden to protect the flowers and fruits damaged by sunlight.

Raschel Anti Hail Netting Square Pattern

It is manufactured of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Weight is 55GSM. Mesh shape is square. It is able to be used through multiple seasons, the overall product lifespan will also depend on the environmental conditions that the netting will regularly experience.

Raschel Anti Hail Netting Square Pattern


  • Highly UV stabilized netting

  • 5 year useful life span.

  • Reinforced eyelets, selvedge and centerline are designed for adding extra strength


Protect fruit trees and plants from hail damage, leading to higher yields and a healthier orchard, use for orchards where hail frequently attack.

It also can be used as bird control. Protects crops and vegetables from hungry birds, bats and flying foxes. Hail net blocks pest insects, safe and effective barrier excludes many types of pests while still allowing plenty of sunlight through. Anti Hail Net can cover hoop frame raised beds with zip ties in garden, easily cut to any custom size with minimal unraveling.

All the structures for anti hail netting.

anti hail netting structures


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