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How to choose temporary construction privacy screen for fence contractors?

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Temporary fence rental service companies or fence contractor companies offer temporary fence for construction project. These temporary fence panels are used in job sites, events, parties to ensure that the sites are properly secured.

Good quality temporary privacy screen means durable, strong, affordable cost, easy to install, recycled.

Low quality means a lot of restoration construction privacy screen in the future.

对应图片Fencing contractor

Fence contractors might ask the question:

Can privacy screen for temporary fence be used in construction site?

Yes, They are same products. There are just different temporary outdoor privacy screen ideas and functions.

There is one kind of temporary outdoor privacy screen which comes into 5’8”x50’ and 7’8”x50’ with black binding and brass grommets.  It can be used as temporary backyard privacy screen, privacy screen temporary chain link fence against wind and dust. They are also common used in construction sites.

tennis court windscreen privacy screen1 (1)

How to make a temporary privacy screen? And How to use privacy screen as temporary fence?

Fence contractors’ staff are familiar with it. They have much installing experience.

DIY privacy fence screen

What are the standard colors and sizes for construction site privacy screen?

Green 6'x 50' privacy screen fence construction residential and commercial 88%blockage

Black 6'x 50' privacy screen fence construction residential and commercial 90% blockage

How many kinds of construction fence privacy screen for construction use?

Different Color Options

Privacy screen fence construction residential standard color is green, black colors. Royal blue and tan color are also popular.

Black fence privacy screen outdoor construction is the wise choice for fence contractors.

strong webbing grommets windscreen

Different Sizes Options

8 foot privacy screen on deck construction is also needed. Because temporary fence panels sizes are generally in 6’x12’ and 8’x12’. So Screen height should be 5’8” and 7’8”. So 8' x 50' privacy screen fence green/black construction residential is also popular.

Different Features Options

There are also different features requests on temp construction chain link fence privacy screen. For example, sewn bound window vents feature and U Shape feature are 2 common features on privacy fence/screen for construction sites.

window feature on windscreen1

window feature on windscreen2

U shape feature on windscreen


1. We are the leading temporary fence privacy screen manufacturer in China. We have strictly quality control system from material, knitting fabric, sewing and packing.

Lower costs than Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s.

Now lowe's green 6'x 50' privacy screen fence construction residential is more than $40 which is high cost for fence contractors.

2. We own our sewing department and customize sizes for fence contractors. We could offer small panels, such as 6'x12', 8x12' to fit your temporary fence.

3. For fence contractors, you need different sizes, colors, features privacy screen. For stand colors, we don’t have MOQ for each size. You could combine many sizes, colors into one container.

4. Simple package to increase loading quantity. The ocean freight is higher and higher, we compress the bundles and load maximum screen into the container. So that the average freight cost for each piece is lower.

Do you need more temporary privacy screen ideas? Please contact us for more information.


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