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Leading Fence Privacy Screen Manufacturer Since 1996

1. Professional Knitting and Sewing Experience
2. Wide Options for Colors, Sizes, and Packages
3. Original Manufacturer with Competitive Price

Fence Privacy Screen Manufacturer

BN NETTING, as a professional China fence privacy screen netting manufacturer and supplier, has more than 25 years experience.

Wide products options

We have developed an outstanding range of high-quality windscreens and fence privacy screens for every application, featuring a variety of visual blockages ranging from 80% to 98% opacity, available in a wide range of heights and colors.

Advanced machines facilities

12 sets production lines of advanced raschel knitting machines. 23 sets of sewing machines. 8 sets of stitching grommets machines.

Good price

Offer good prices for wholesalers, shopowners.

Professional in cutting and sewing

Custom grommets

Sourcing Fence Privacy Screen from BN NETTING

 For Amazon Shop Owners & Online Shop Owners

We have worked with different business taking their ideas from conception to fulfilling their desired privacy fence screen solutions. We offer quality privacy fence screen, perfect sewing and different retail packages to meet shop owners’ demand.

 For Wholesalers

Being one of the most equipped privacy fence screen manufacturing companies, we offer the best quality products at a significantly low cost. This allows us to work with you to ensure that you get to also extend great prices to your customers.

 For Fence Contractors & Building Contractors

Our experienced production plant allows us to offer great quality chain link fence privacy screen to you. As a manufacturer or supplier, you can trust that our fluent manufacturing process are here to provide you with the best products in the market.

Benefits From Privacy Screen Manufacturer

Nice Fabrics Made By Advanced Knitting Machines

BN NETTING used advanced high speed raschel knitting machines to manufacture privacy fence screen fabrics. Advanced equipments bring stable good quality, nice and flat privacy screen rolls. There is AUTO-STOP switch in our knitting machines. The knitting machines will be automaticly stopped when the mistake happens on fabrics. All the privacy fence netting from BN NETTING is perfect, no mistake.

Use High Quality Polyethylne Material

BN NETTTING is a professionl privacy screen manufacturer and supplier in China. We only use virgin polyethylene material, instead of recycle. Our privacy fence screen is constructed of sun protected HDPE + 3% UV fabric with durable black binding and brass gromments. It could prevent harmful UV sun lights from damaging for up to 90%. It is able to hold up even in extreme weather conditions.

Wide Range Of Sizes and Colors

As the orignal privacy screen manufacturer in China, we manufactue these privacy fence netting from extruding yarns, knitting fabrics, cutting fabrics, sewing into panels with black binding and grommets. So we could offer wide range of different colors and sizes. Standard colors are dark green, black, royal blue, navy blue and tan. Special colors, such as red, orange can be customized as well. Standard heights are 5'8" and 7'8". We can also offer 4' height.  

Durable Grommets & Webbings

We have strict sewing quality control system in workshop. All the accessories used in privacy screens should be durable. Grommets are made of brass which is anti rust. Black binding material is treated with UV. We can customize grommets distance and binding for wholesalers. Comparing to other suppliers in China, we could give clients 3 years warranty under normal usage and weather. For online shop owners, we offer zip ties as well.

Details Of Fence Privacy Screen

Heavy Duty Fence Privacy Screen
Material 100% virgin HDPE with UV
Shade rate/blockage 80%~95%
Weight 130gsm - 180gsm
Width 4’, 5’8”, 7’8”
Regular size 4*50FT, 5*50FT, 6*50FT, 8*50FT, 6*150FT, 8*150FT 
Color Dark green, black, royal blue, navy blue, tan, brown, coffee, beige
Knitting structure 6 needles by tape+tape
Product name Fence screen / Privacy windscreen
UV Stabliser 3% UV stabliser
Yarn Width 0.9~3mm
Yarn Thickness 0.05~0.2mm
Package Fence privacy screen roll 150' is rolled by cardboard tubes.
Privacy screen for chain link fence 50' is folded in PE bags/bundles.
MOQ 2000kgs per color
Delivery 15 days/20'GP, 30 days/40'HQ
Loading Quantity 5000kgs/20'GP, 13000kgs/40HQ
Using life time 3-5 years

Production Process From China Privacy Fence Netting Factory

  • As a 25 years experience polyethylene privacy fence netting manufacturer and supplier in China, BN NETTING used high quality raw polyethylene materials, UV material, color masterbatch. We can do the whole production from extruding tape filaments, knitting fabrics, cutting fabrics, sewing into panels, stitching gromments and packing.

    12 sets production lines of advanced raschel knitting machines. Supply capacity 280 tons per month.

    23 sets of sewing machines. Supply capacity 810,000 pcs per month.

    8 sets of stitching grommets machines. Supply capacity 790,000 pcs per month.

What is Privacy Fence Screen?

Fence Privacy Screen is a knitted HDPE privacy screen fabric, provides privacy and shading in a variety of residential and commercial uses. Also known as fabric privacy fence, privacy screen for fence, privacy fence screen mesh, chain link fence privacy screen, and tennis court windscreens, they are made of 100% polyethylene mesh material, added 3% UV to get good performance in sun exposure, ideal for deck, patio, pool, chain link fence uses. It offers a barrier against the wind and sun while still allowing continuous airflow into the space. These Privacy Fence Screens are perfect for special events, temporary fencing, home renovation, construction sites, physical barriers, and other applications. You can also easily attach them to chain link fences to enforce privacy at athletic fields during sporting events or practices.
Fence privacy screens are available in a variety of heights in standard panels, standard rolls and custom options. They also come in a range of shade & blockage factors (88%, 95%, 98%) depending on how much protection from the sun you need. Our Privacy Fence Screen feature reinforced hems and evenly spaced grommets for easy tie-down. 

Sizes and Colors

US market Fence Privacy Screen

Generally, fence privacy screens are used for construction site, temporary fence, tennis court, home and gardens. We divide them into 3 fields as below.

UK market Privacy Fence Screen Shading Net

  • High density polyethylene and UV treated
  • Both offer tape+tape and tape+mono
  • 85% – 95% visibility reduction
  • 130gsm and 150gsm fabric weight
  • Reducing wind, sun glare, dust & debris

Features for Privacy Fence Screen


Strong Webbing & Brass Grommets

We make black webbing along the 4 sides of the privacy fence screen. Stitch brass grommets every 24”.
Customers could customize the webbing material and grommets material, stitching grommets distance.

Shade Factor/Blockage

The privacy fence screening has an 80%-98% shade factor. Privacy screen for chain link fence also come in a range of shade factors (80%, 87%, 88%, 90%, 92%, 95%, 98%) depending on how much privacy you need.


Our privacy mesh screens feature reinforced hems and spaced brass grommets to easily attaching to a fence by using cable ties. The fabric has a 3” enforced binding, so it’s able to hold up even in extreme weather conditions. Customization is available.
Perfect Size & Weather Resistant Breathable Material

Perfect Size & Weather Resistant Breathable Material

Privacy fence screen measures exactly 50' long x 5'8" tall, this privacy fence screen is perfect fit for a fence 6 ft tall, 7’8"x50 is perfect fit for a fence 8 ft tall. Windscreen fabric weave of new high-density material waterproof polyethylene; allows maximum air to go through to create a breeze, greatly reduces wind at ground level, great privacy screening, prevents harmful UV sun lights from damaging for up to 90%. 
An Economical & Easy Way To Obtain Privacy

An Economical & Easy Way To Obtain Privacy

80%-98% visibility blockage; cover chain link fence, porous decorative concealment, existing cyclone wire fence, wood retaining wall, welded wire fence, chain link fencing, mobile home, as a privacy barrier around swimming pool cage to block nose neighbor see-through; add privacy to your acre backyard fence backdrop, front yard, patio, garden, and porch; hide street, road, construction site, neighbor pet, outdoor kennel; block surrounding noise and street view.
Sunscreen & Landscaping

Sunscreen & Landscaping

Fence screening fabric to Shade screen fabric used as a sunscreen for vegetable garden plants, greenhouse covering coverage curtain in areas with strong sunshine sunlight, hot temperature, humidity, rain, snow, thunderstorms, and crazy unpredictable weather, creating overhead shade on top of pergola for hanging orchid as a shade cover for patio plants, lawn, and windows, border of a horse ranch, landscaping for a barren hedge; green mesh privacy screen for fence looks nice and natural.
Wind Resistant

Wind Resistant

Chain link fence privacy screen, wind barrier windscreen windshield work perfectly for a windbreak to protect vegetable garden, plant nursery area, buffer the heavy wind in winter around chicken coop pen run, tennis court, parking, wedding site, and campground.

Colors and Pattern for Privacy Fence Screen

Cooperation Process

Product FAQ

  • What can I put on my metal fence for privacy?

    Yes, there are multiple choices such as BN Netting Privacy Screens, Privacy Fence Tarps, Fence Slats, and Artificial Grass Walls. However, BN Netting privacy fence screens are the most popular, ideal, and cost-effective.
  • What is a Fence Privacy Screen? 

    Fence Privacy Screens a kind of shade cloth which fits chain-link fences height and length to give privacy against wind and dust.
  • How long do fence privacy screens last?

    Depending on the material chosen and how well it is taken care of, a fence screen can last for 1 to 10 years.
    For example, polyethylene material privacy fence screen could last 1-3 years outdoor normally. BN Netting brand HDPE privacy screen could give you 2-3 years warranty. 
  • What is the least expensive/ cheapest fence cover?

    88% blockage privacy fence screen is the least expensive /cheapest fence cover. 
  • How Tall Can I make a privacy screen?

    Often fences are limited to 6ft or 8 ft tall, For privacy screen covered on metal fence, we offer 5’8” or 7’8” to fit 6’ or 8’. Privacy fence screen should be a little bit shorter than metal fence height. 
  • How do I install a Privacy Fence Screen?

    Installing a Privacy Fence Screen is very easy. Our privacy screen is black binding and brass grommets every 24”. You can fix it to metal fence by zip ties. Please start at the top right and loop an attachment tie through the grommets in the screen. Then tie the top horizontal edge. Finally, work around the edges until the screen is fully installed. 
  • How do I add privacy to an existing chain-link fence?

    Please measure your chain link fence height and length. Then choose privacy screen colors you want. Finally, buy standard size privacy fence screen or customize the sizes with supplier. BN Netting could offer customized sizes and colors. 
  • Where can I buy chain link fence windscreen?

    Go to amazon for more choices. If you would like to buy bulk order, please visit for more help. BN Netting is the leading manufacturer of privacy windscreen. 
  • Is privacy fence screen just shade cloth?

    Yes, Privacy fence screen is shade cloth fabric. They are both knitted by raschel knitting machine. Shade cloth includes many different structures, such as 2 needles, 3 needles and 6 needles. 2 needles and 3 needles shade cloth is suitable for agriculture use. 6 needles shade cloth can be used as privacy screen fabric, sun shade sail fabric and so on. 

Factory FAQ

  • Manufacturer or trading company?

    We are BN Netting Factory who was founded in 1995. We own 12 production lines of advanced raschel knitting machines, 23 sets of sewing machines, and 8 sets of stitching grommets machines. We are the leading manufacturer with OEM services to customers all over the world.
  • What are your main products?

    We mainly produce privacy fence screening, shade net, shade sail, safety netting, and other kinds of plastic nets. 
  • How about your delivery time?

    Generally, it will take 15 days to finish the 1x20GP container and 25 days to finish the 1x40HQ container. If the quantity is more than 3 containers, we could discuss delivery with customers and give customers quick delivery. 
  • How do we control quality?

    We have rich experience in Quantity control and improvement. All the products from BN NETTING are 100% quality inspection.
    Raw materials inspection
    Semi-finished products inspection
    Finished products inspection
    Besides, netting width, length, weight and color inspection, we also do UV test. There are UV tester machines in our lab. QC will test netting UV performance. Meanwhile, we keep communication with customers in time which enables us to guarantee customer satisfaction. 
  • Can we load maximum quantity to the container?

    We check the container clearly to ensure it without any damaged or damp when loading ·We have own logistic team to ensure the best freight charge and port charge ·We guarantee the maximum quantity of goods can be loaded 
  • How can I get in touch with you quickly?

    You can send us an email. Generally, we will reply your questions within one day after receiving the email. For immediate help, please give us a phone call 86-15261154948 

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