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Custom Shade Sail

Fabrics For Custom Shade Sail

We perform all shade sail manufacturing processes in-house and our team of staff is well-versed in each step. This makes it possible for us to customize your shade sail to meet your needs. Whether you custom a special color fabric, an unusual shape, or a different package way, we have what it takes to make it happen.

We assign a team of design and manufacturing experts to each client project. They will work with you to implement any shade sail ideas you have and bring them to reality. We additionally offer samples for you to test and approve before we begin manufacturing your personalized shade sails.

Accessories For Custom Shade Sails

We have been in the shade sail for over 2 decades and have a vast understanding of shade sail. We keep finding new technology and improve shade sail details for customers. You can count on us to deliver the right shade sails for your needs.

D Rings Structure

In the past, D rings were not welded. The webbing would be easily broken after friction. Now we only use welded D rings.

D Rings Material

Standard D rings material is stainless steel 304#. For marine climate areas, we suggest customers choose stainless steel 316# against rust.

Sewing Thread

In the past, we used normal cotton thread. Now use high strength thread with UV treated to keep sewing structure strong and stable.


In the past, we only offer PVC handle bags and cartons package. Now we design different packages for different customers’ type. Such as Amazon package, Online shop package, European supermarket package, European express package.


We found that the edge of shade sail might curl when hanging up. It is the Cutting Shape Mould issue. We made experiments and amend the mould many times. Now we could cut shade sail fabric perfectly and get a nice edge.

Training Employees

We recruit sewing workers and train them at least 6 months. After they are familiar with every process, then they could start to work. It could keep us a stable sewing quality.

Custom Sun Shade Sails

At BN NETTING, we manufacture custom shade sails that you can rely on to preserve the good performance of shade sails.

Shade Sail Sizes

Our shade sails are available in sizes ranging from 2meter to 10meter. Larger or smaller custom sizes are also available and they can be labeled in feet or yard.

Shade Sail Colors

We mainly manufacture tan, sand, red, grey, white, royal blue shade sails that allow you to fully meet customers’ demands. However, also offer customized colors according to customer’s sample.

Shade Sail Fabric Weights

We provide different fabric weight from 160gsm to 340gsm to customers. We could measure customer’s sample weight and custom fabric weight for you.

Shade Sail Shapes

We offer square, rectangle, triangle, right triangle shapes. You can also send us your design. We will cut the shade sails fabric in custom shapes.

Shade Sail Accessories

We offer different materials on D rings, webbings, ropes. Customers could choose the ideal accessories to make the custom shade sails.

Shade Sail Packages

We provide a wide selection of shade sail packages. We have rich experience in AMAZON shop packages, Online shop packages, Supermarket Retail packages, European Express packages.

Custom Shade Sail Manufacturer Production Process

BN NETTING is China's top shade sail manufacturer. We make both standard and custom sun shade sail structures that are perfect for any commercial or residential project. We sell sun shade sails made of high quality tensile fabric that provide shade and UV protection over backyard patios, parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, decks and other outdoor living spaces.

Cooperation Process

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